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- story -

In the still of winter little is created, most things die or lie sleeping. But in the winter of 2003 something began to grow. This was the birth of "A Ballad Alchemy". Inspired by a passion for creation, an appreciation for the unique, and the abilities of song, the four friends of A Ballad Alchemy found within each other the means to express themselves and their experiences through song.

The band is:

Chris Parfitt- vox/ guitar

Jeremy Parfitt- Guitar/ vox

John Kirk- Bass/ Double Bass

Brad Palmer- Percussion

True songsmiths, "A Ballad Alchemy" builds songs with inspired emotion and buried intention. Amongst the talking guitar parts, the bellowing of the string bass, the contemplative keys, the passionate vocals, and the empathetic percussion, there is a feeling of honesty. The band is continually building their loyal fan-base, playing shows, and creating more and more music.

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