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.We are unspeakably grateful for everyone who has supported us in the making of this album.

Out From Trees Songs: click to listen

Out From Trees Album


Click here to download from iTunes

1 Leaves of Three

2 Cinders

3 Burn

4 Dark is the Day

5 Across the Water

6 Dying Perspectives

7 Pawn

8 My Cemetery

9 Maybe Isle

10 The Sweet Perfume of Absence

11 First Last Time (Empty Rooms)

12 Are We Sorry

13 A Daydream in Autumn Oaks

14 In The Ground


"Out From Trees" is A Ballad Alchemy's long-anticipated debut album. It is a movement displaying the beginnings of a unique expression of music, empathetic to its environment and to itself. A few favorites from previous smaller releases have blossomed and resurfaced within "Out From Trees".

"Out From Trees" took over a year to find itself ready to behanded over to you... (it was fermenting)

If you choose to purchase this album you will recieve a free bumpber sticker as well as the love of all of us here at A Ballad Alchemy. (not that you didn't have that already)

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