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Post-Holiday Harvest

Thanks to everyone who came out this holiday season to see us perform!  The Sadie’s show and the Benders performance were both wonderful nights, so thanks for coming out and spending some time with us.  If you have any opinion on our new material we’ve been previewing this season, feel free to drop us a line through the CONTACT link. 

Today we head to Columbus for a show at The Old field- it should be a blast.  If your in the area, come on by, we would love to see you (minimal to no cover).

OUR POST HOLIDAY SALE IS STILL ON!  Get our album “Out From Trees” for $5 and receive a BUZZLIGHTER compilation FREE- hey that’s a 20 dollar value!

We are currently working on the schedule for the recording of our second release!  The album, yet unnamed, already has a list of at least 10 stellar songs… we want you to have a copy.  You will be the first to hear when we have completed the project. 

Keep your eyes open for the new A Ballad Alchemy HOODIES!  They will soon be on the MERCH page.  Contact us if interested. 

Stay loose,

A Ballad Alchemy

p.s. We now own,, and!  So no matter what you prefer to type after the dot, you’ll find yourself with us.

Band Playing Snow


Arrival of indie compilation from Shut Eye Records

The long anticipated Buzzlighter Issue #13 compilation from Shut Eye Records has finally been released. This collection of independent music features independant artists from all over the country, including A Ballad Alchemy. The song selected for Shut Eye's Buzzlighter was "In the Ground", the last track on our debut album "Out From Trees".

If you wish to enjoy the music of, and support unsigned/independant artists such as A Ballad Alchemy, you can check out and order the Buzzlighter compilation from our Merch page.

The other independant artists featured on Buzzlighter are dynamic upcoming artists that you're sure to enjoy. So, have a listen and support independent music.

Happy holidays and take care.

......Yours in song,

..............A Ballad Alchemy



New Website

Thanks to the fact that a certain someone in a certain web design class was asigned a certain project, we now finally have a comprehensive website, over which we have complete creative control.

On the music side of things, we don't have too many shows booked currently, which is somewhat of a downer, but on the upside we've been writing a wealth of new mateiral stemming from jams and acoustic drafts. We hope to get a good number of these songs prepared for a show before the end of summer.

Speaking of things happening before the end of the summer: our first full-length studio album "Out From Trees" will be realeased, at the latest, in early August. Check out our "music" page to hear tracks from the new album.

We have always been and will always be sincerely grateful for your continued support and appreciation of what we're doing. It is you who are the inspiration for the creation of this web site.

Well, until next time, take care of yourselves and your friends.

......Yours in song,

.............. A Ballad Alchemy

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