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Demortuisnilnisibonem EP: out of print
  Songs: click to listen
Alchemy in Yendor


1 Dark is the Day (check "Out From Trees" version )

2 Dying Perspectives (check "Out From Trees" version )

3 Opportunities

4 Black to White

5 Pawn (check "Out From Trees" version )

6 For You

7 Maybe Isle (check "Out From Trees" version )


The "Demortuisnilnisibonem EP " is, among other things, difficult to say. This early basement recording is the first music A Ballad Alchemy has ever released. In its production, it was thought to be an EP- a prelude to A Ballad Alchemy's debut album "Out From Tees".

However, time, as well as music, is ever moving. Although important to us, some of these tracks were lost to "Out From Trees" as a result of the steady but overwhelming current of new music.

Thanks to the internet these songs can be heard here despite that the actual EP lies sadly out of print in a box where Brad keeps everything
he's ever done involving music.

ep art