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Buzzlighter- Issue #13
"These are the Songs from the Sweetheart City"
Shut Eye Records

1. She's the Killer Confident Years 12. Just Like Odysseus Jon Fickes
2. Bluescreen The Captain's Fox 13. Lowlight Wrinkle Neck Mules
3. Regina DC North 14. To Slight for Thin The Campbells
4. Broad Church Dogkennel Hill 15. Disturbance Around Me A.J. Rosales
5. Pollen Sneezer Old Man Winter 16. Little Linda Ross Haldane
6. Wasteland Mark Mathis 17. Castaway Phil Lomac
7. Those Long Forgotten Not Another Word 18. Between Blankets Clifton Newell
8. Seen the Man The Shames 19. Her Light Will Guide Our Way Nicholas Deutsch
9. Cruel Farewell Flight 20. Purple Phantasm with Green Anzaldua
10. In the Ground A Ballad Alchemy 21. Butterflies Burning Idols
11. Breathe Underwater Cedarwell 22. In the Land of the Digital Death by Vinyl